Impressions of Waw……Wau

Impressions of Waw......Wau

I arrived to Wau early this week with some colleagues to oversee a project of ours, the last time I was in this town was in 2011 and sadly on transit to Aweil,I never actually got to explore what the town had to offer.

And so I find myself back to this beautiful Gem of south Sudan once again. WaU is the capital of Western Bhar el Ghazal state, and home to several communities that include, the Fertit, Balanda, Dinka and etc.

What captivates me is the flat nature of the land, and the red soils, which would make an excellent farming, also has the possibility of being the food basket of this country. River Jur passes the area and is the source of not only transportation for barges coming from Khartoum but for local brick making enterprises.

One of the monumental buildings is the Cathedral built in 1924;it’s impressive and reminiscent of the days before the War broke out. And to actually see it standing there decades later gives me a nostalgic feeling.

This town is also famous for having produced some international and notable people such as Luol Deng(NBA) and Alek Wek(SuperModel) among many others..


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