Happy but not so Anniversary

In a democracy, the process through which laws are made is mainly charged to the legislature, while the executive ensures that the laws and government policies are implemented, the judiciary performs the function of interpreting laws that guide citizens and institutions of the state. When all the above institutions are detrimentally weak you are faced with a similar dilemma that of which we find our nation facing today.

As a South Sudanese citizen, it is difficult to be optimistic especially when the country is on a slow motion suicide mission. Even if you are an eternal optimist, you cannot help but be seduced by pessimism.

The tragedy of South Sudan is another sad African story, despite years of anguish, pain and frustrations, we simply refuse to be true to ourselves, the leaders just like their followers remain content with living the lie, myself included. And a lie once repeated several times starts to look like the truth. So in the end we have become enablers of the system and it seems nobody wants to admit it, neither take responsibility for it nor seek the underlying root causes.

There is a long queue of those who want change in the system of governance in this nation and yet there are those who do not want change, mostly because of the disruption it may likely cause to their comfort hence resulting to justifications.one of these justifications is that the nation is still a baby.my conviction is that it is plain and utter nonsense. Surely 8 years on, this baby should have grown up and attending preschool and has the ability to read and write.

From my observation, the trouble with South Sudan is simply and squarely a failure of leadership as Chinua Achebe would eloquently state it. This has financed to our collective failure as a nation(refer to the foreign policy failed states report)

It is for this reason we find ourselves caught between a rock and hard place not knowing where to start or finish. It would seem as if we are heading towards an apocalypse.

As citizens, there are expectations of what our government should do.it is for these reasons leaders are elected. However the problem often lies in whether the leaders are able to meet those expectations. Political leaders are elected to find solutions to problems, to bring about change and to enable an environment conducive for basic service delivery; it is the least of what they are required of.

The platform to help achieve these goals is normally a political party. A political party acts a transmission belt of political processes, it is for this reason political scientists have argued that parties tend to have two major roles they play; that of interest articulation referring to the actual process through which demands are injected into the political system; and aggregation referring to the formulation of policies in which group interest are combined, accommodated and more or less dedicated to a particular pattern of public policy.

Bearing this in mind, one would wonder, despite all these years in power, what has been the political party program of the SPLM? Is there one? And if there is has it been implemented?

The SPLM at its dispensation is an elite based party thus serving the interest of the elite in terms of articulations and aggregation. A tactic that would seem to be a survival mechanism but in turn has created the inability of the party to perform its basic functions let alone party financing and discipline.

In addition to our leadership failure, several conditions have hampered any post conflict recovery; among them is what I will call the C-word. Corruption! Fighting corruption in this country sounds like an oxymoron, to date nobody has brought to book, yet over 4billion is allegedly said to have been stolen according to a letter written to over 75 public officials by the president early this year.As a result of mismanagement and wrong prioritization, citizens are forced to resort to unsustainable measures such as buying their own water which is drawn from the Nile sold by foreigners in water trucks, due to lack of a proper sewage and sanitation system, a traditional role-played by Governments, in my humble opinion as long as those water trucks exists, we might as well get rid of the ministry in charge of that role.

Another condition that hampers any progress is a clear misplaced priority alluding to the fact that every now and then, the roads of juba are graced by the latest models of luxurious V8, Audis, Mercedes, range rover sport, you name them all. We have more luxury cars than good roads, hospitals, and schools combined. Such numbers and genuine grievances should put any government to shame instead there is no place for shame in our society. If there were, leaders many would put their resignation in order, a basic political obligation.

The only protection public officials have against critics like myself is for officials to do a good job.it will be highly improbably that a leader will be criticized if he delivered on his work.

In conclusion, the solution lies in the hands of south Sudanese. Until we start to think of this nation as our own, rather than individual properties. Then we will head somewhere just as the war was fought collectively. The nation will need the same approach. Tribalism, nepotism, corruption are all conditions will keep us in stagnation with long-term repercussions.


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