Report of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan and South Sudan

AUHIP Report on Sudan and South Sudan

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Report of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan and South Sudan


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, July 31, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ INTRODUCTION

This report is prepared pursuant to Council’s communiqué adopted at its 353rd meeting, held at the level of Heads of State and Government on 25 January 2013, in the margins of the 20th Assembly of Heads of State and Government. It draws upon the activities undertaken by the African Union High?Level Implementation Panel for Sudan and South Sudan (AUHIP) and the AU Commission in facilitating talks between Sudan and South Sudan, as well as activities undertaken by the AUHIP and the Chair of Inter?Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to mediate between the Government of Sudan and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North (SPLM?North) during this period.

Council’s communiqué at its 353rd meeting on 25 January 2013 requested the AUHIP to provide a final and comprehensive…

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Ugandan journalists freed in South Sudan

Press Freedom curtailed in South Sudan

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Today at about 1200hrs EAT, South Sudan authorities freed two Ugandan journalists who have been in detention since Saturday. The Justin Dralaze and Hillary Ayesiga who were filming in Juba, the capital of South Sudan without clearance were held by South Sudan security for four days.

The Ugandan Embassy and Uganda Ministry of Foreign Affairs intervened in the case for the last five days but it was a lot of work on part of two South Sudanese Human Rights lawyers that finally brought security in South Sudan to release the journalists without charge.

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“Many parents t…

“Many parents tell their children: “Stop
dreaming, live in reality”. Which one? The world is what it is, plus
what we think and believe it is. We fill the world’s peace with our
thoughts, feelings and desires. We project our illusions and traumas
on it as if it were a movie screen

Alejando Jodorowosky

Conversations with Deng

I’m always momentarily rendered speechless when I meet him for obvious reason; yet again I’m constantly fascinated by how his mind is always at work. I met Deng in 2010 through a mutual friend and we instantly clicked.

He is a former lost boy who found his way to Plano Texas, but just as the prodigal son he returned to South Sudan in 2007 to build the nation that was effortlessly destroyed by years of violence.His Story is not a unique story although the man himself is unique, I have always felt the need to share some of the conversations I have had with him I call these session making sense of South Sudan

S.1Deng. Only the dead have seen the end of the war

J85: War is sometimes fabricated and not as natural as it seems

S.2There is a Dinka saying “Let them eat first and talk later. Or don’t talk to me until i finish eating” Our leaders problem is the lack of better alternatives People are not active !People are idle/..Everyone wants to eat but not to work.

J85:Haha haha

Deng:Now Riek Machar(Vice president),and Wani Igga(Speaker of the National assembly, and Pagan Amum(SG SPLM) have all come out publically they want to run against Salva Kiir(President)

J85:True but I wouldn’t vote for them,what we need is a leader with the right qualities,with a vision and program.

Deng: The problem in South Sudan is that the Opposition is given a Position,We are supporting Salva Kiir that’s why we are poor. This country is for the ruling and those who don’t want to be ruled…those who want to be subjected. while those who oppose  form political parties however once you become an opposition salva buys you in.Most of opposition is in Government or working with Government.We do not want to disappoint the system and that’s why we will remain poor for the rest of our lives.

J85: what needs to happen then?

Deng:Time to stop bitching and complaining!Let that person (however wants to be president) come out and tell what the hell he can do for south sudan whether you are a Dinka bari or from a small comunity etc..come out,People are not happy and are divided. If you come up with a better alternative. You are more likely to succeed They cannot kill you..your party protects you.the reason Isaiah Abraham was killed was because he was part of SPLM.He was not part of the opposition.Your party should  protect youI,m learning a lot.i tell you People need to come out. We need to stop running away. If we had all run away during the war. This country would not have been liberated.we need to fight the war internally. For example our foundation, We are being suppressed. Nobody wants to support us they are scarred. If the red army declared a political party. We have more members although not registered. The majority are not happy with the movement.