Random Ramblings-Its really loud inside my head

1. #I like music that I can dance and relate to, if I cant have a relationship with it then I simply forget it.
2. #If I love a song…I obsess about it for weeks…I have repeated songs 100times a day on iTunes. That’s how crazy I obsess.
3. #I still listen to Corrs, Natalie I, Vanessa Carlton, Three Doors Down, Backstreet Boys. I know what your about to say…just shut up!
4. #For a very long time…I loved Justin Timberlake…don’t know why he got rid of the curls.
5. #I thought I’d grow up to be a famous singer although I knew I had no talent and could not sing, still believe this is possible.
6. #I was a Spice girls fan for such a long time; I had all their posters, CDs and knew every word to their songs’ I cried when had they broke up.it was the saddest day in my life.i,m not embarrassed about this fact.
7. #My favorite movie is the fifth element.
8. #When I watched the matrix the first time I didn’t understand it..So I watched the last trilogy and finally understood it.
9. #I feel indie groups are the ones that understand me…most indie songs talk to my soul most of the time.
10. #I’m a hopeless romantic; I will marry every man I date.
11. When I was a teenager I used to go to a club called Carnivore actually it was a restaurant, which served wild animals. Every Wednesday they had a rock night session. I’d go and sing and eat my heart out.
12. #I have an unusual blend of introvert and extrovert qualities, which lets me associate with all sorts of people. I swing between these extremes.
13. #I love number seven…that was my class number for so many years…I was between average and a genius.
14. #My geniusness (if there is such a word) takes a while to understand. Only retards get me.
15. #I feel at home among artistic, creative, and extraordinary individuals
16. #One of my favorite word is idiosyncratic
17. #I wonder sometimes how it would feel to be locked up in a mental hospital.
18. #In 2009,I met an anarchist in London called Tony; he’d just come out of jail, he’d been arrested for trying to talk his friend out of climbing a wall during a protest .The funniest thing he told me was that he was going to defend himself in court and to prove to his point. He had a whole law book. I thought he was brilliant.
19. #I had a friend who got dumbed by his boyfriend. Only to hear from him several months later…after receiving a call from a mental hospital. His ex had lost the plot.
20. #I like to analyze social outcomes; I love to observe how many idiots can actually make sense of situations.
21. #Politicians annoy me most of the times; I have a love-hate relationship with several.
22. #We have a dog-called Pluto. She is such a cute dog, sometimes I feel like giving her alcohol just to see how she would behave when drunk.
23. #I wonder sometimes if animals feel humiliation?
24. #On several occasions I have thought of being a Nun
25. #i like to believe I,m agnostic, I haven’t been to church in a while except for weddings.
26. #The best concerts I ever went to were Sean Paul in Nairobi, Alicia keys in Barcelona, and NERD in Amsterdam
27. #I dated 2 men called Simon. I really like Simons. And men with strange names. In fact I have a fetish for uncommon names.
28. #I love weird things (mainly because I’m one) and people that spike my attention at face value. Even the most boring individuals have a funny way of catching my interest.
29. #I once shared my bed with my girlfriend and her boyfriend.
30. #I’ve experienced heartbreak and would not recommend anyone to go through that pain. It’s not physical but you actually feel your sick. The worst part is when your in denial…. then anger…. then the pain…then anger…. but you eventually recover and ask why the hell you ever dated.
31. #I’m a middle child…sometimes I do things to seek for attention
32. #Sometimes I remember things and I just find myself laughing…I could be in the middle of strangers or in the middle of the street.
33. #I took part in a huge feature movie, met the stars and had no idea they were famous. Until a month later when we had wrapped up, I was watching maid in Manhattan and you should have seen my face when I saw JLO dancing with Ralph Fiennes…I had danced with him in a remote area in turkana and had no clue who he was.
34. #In reference to 33…I experienced all these without a camera
35. #I decided never would I be caught again without a camera
36. #When I met George Clooney…. I had a camera so I took lots of pics
37. #I went for an Nerd concert with my friend Julia in Amsterdam, I didn’t know any words to any song…in fact my friend Julia was crazy/obsessed about the group. Fast-forward pharell notices me and communicated he loves my skin…all these was done without uttering a word…sign language.Although Julia and i noticed….just saying
38. #Some days I prefer to stay inside my room for the whole day and not communicate with the world except myself…I have had the liberty of doing that 58times.
39. #I love to sleep. I thought had sleeping sickness for a very long time, my dad used to wake me up sometimes would get angry at me. He eventually got tired and just let me be. I still love to sleep although it’s timed since I work now.
40. #I did a 22-hour flight one time and when I got home. I got into the shower and put on my pajamas and slept for 24 straight hours. At some point my sister came to check if I was still alive and breathing.
41. #I would like to get married one day. I wonder whom I’ll marry. Can’t picture that day.
42. #I want to travel to all the countries before I die
43. I had a friend commit suicide from depression. I wonder sometimes if I could have made a difference.
44. #I attract gay men like bees…I love them and they sort of love me in a cruel twisted way.
45. #I sometimes meet people and tell them the story of my life…many are strangers but I don’t think many understand me.the few that do get me I fall in love with them.
46. #I’m yet to meet a guy who fully understands my soul
47. #I’m a free wonderer, constantly in search of adventure and love
48. #I want to meet Snoop Dogg and Tupac one day…I’m yet to decide what we would discuss.
49. #My Guru is called Alejandro Jodorowsky.He is a source of inspiration I wish I could marry him.
50. #I used to love reading. Still do but I don’t get time to read. So I do most reading online…that’s tragic, there is something special about books. I don’t mean eBooks.
51. #Old books are like treasures to me, I bought a book in Havana published in 1910.i still don’t know what to do with it.
52. #I’m a collector of postcards. Every country I visit I buy one.
53. #My Facebook is my address book. I have loads of contacts and reconnected with a lot of friends.infact I found my childhood friend and went to visit her in San Francisco thanks to FB.
54. #I believe in ghosts…I saw one when I was in high school…I know you wont believe me.
55. #In my quest for fame, I joined my high school choir.
56. #I had a tomboy phase.
57. #Most of my childhood best friends are boys. Sometimes I think I’m a boy in a girl’s body
58. #I have partied 7days in a row came to my bed only once to have a siesta…it was the best time of my life.
59. #My favorite colors are white and blue. I have loads of it in my wardrobe
60. #I recently developed phobia for flying, infact during my last trip back to juba, somewhere in the rift valley the plane got hit by air and the next 6minutes were the worse… I screamed my lung out…it was such a terrible flight back. The other time was in Khartoum. The landing felt like we were going to crash Although everyone else was pretending to be brave. They were scarred the shit out of themselves. I think I was the only brave person to act that fear out.